What We Do

We produce plastic injection parts for the commercial truck and bus industry. These parts are used on exteriors;bumpers, grilles, fairings and other body panels, interiors; instrument panels, consoles, A&B pillars and other trim panels) and under the hood (splash shields, fan shrouds and mud flaps). CK Technologies provides many part assemblies and specializes in base/clear coat painting capable of custom body color matching with over 15,000 colors available. Complete in-line sequencing compliments our capabilities.


  • Cowl Tray Assemblies
  • Battery Cover Assemblies
  • Engine Cover Assemblies
  • Splash Shields
  • Quarter Fender Assemblies
  • Fender Extentions Assemblies

Heavy Truck Exterior Parts

  • Sunvisors
  • Roof Deflectors
  • Splash Shields
  • Chassis Fairings Systems
  • Modesty Panels
  • Mirror Covers
  • Headlamp Bezels
  • Grille Bugscreens
  • Grille Assemblies
  • Fender Flares
  • Quarter FenderAssemblies
  • Fender Extentions Assemblies
  • Bumper Systems
  • Air Intakes

Heavy Truck Interior Parts

In-Mold Decorating
Sleeper Control Panels
Seat Panels
Engine Cover Assemblies
Dash Instrument Panels
Cowl Panels
Scuff Plates

Under the Hood

Grille Retainers
Fan Shrouds
3D Suction Blow Molded Tubes
Cowl Tray Assemblies
Battery Cover Assemblies