Family of Companies

Cascade Engineering

Comprised of 11 strategic business units serving a variety of industries including automotive, agriculture, commercial truck & bus, solid waste and recycling, office furniture, material handling, renewable energy water filtration and TBL consulting. 14 manufacturing sites are located throughout the United States and an additional facility is located in Budapest, Hungary. Cascade Engineering utilizes sophisticated plastic injection molding processes in our high tonnage presses to produce large parts. Cascade Engineering is a certified B Corporation dedicated to positively impacting the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

CK Technologies

Manufactures large plastic injection components used for commercial truck applications. Products include bumper and grill assemblies, side panels and exterior body and interior trim components. Capabilities include paint, assembly and sequencing. Customers include Navistar, PACCAR and Daimler Trucks North America. Manufacturing locations in Montpelier, OH, Mt Airy, NC, Brownsville and Fort Worth, TX

Cascade Automotive Americas

One of our founding business units the automotive group has consistently used plastics technology to replace heavier metal interior and exterior parts resulting in lighter weight vehicles with improved fuel economy. We understand the importance of a quite cockpit when inside the vehicle and acoustics has always been a core technology for us. We provide vehicle dash mats engineered for sound absorption at the vehicle firewall which separates the engine compartment from the interior cockpit. Customers include multiple automotive OEM's throughout North America.

Cascade Automotive Europe

Manufactures and assembles plastic injection molded components used for vehicle HVAC, electrical and fuel management systems. Our knowledge of kinematics is evidenced by our product portfolio which includes air louvers, instrument panel inserts, lighting, ignition and fuel delivery components. Customers include BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, VW, Ford, Volvo and Peugeot. Located in Budapest, Hungary.

Cascade Cart Solutions

Provides a comprehensive suite of products and services for the solid waste and recycling industry, including bins, rolling carts, front and rear-load commercial containers, lifters, and service technology solutions. Started in 1989 Cascade Cart Solutions has manufactured over 20 million rolling carts used for residential waste, recycling and organics collection throughout North America. Originator of The Pink Cart designed and developed to promote breast cancer awareness while contributing $5 to the American and Canadian Cancer Societies for every Pink Cart sold. Located in Grand Rapids, MI with service centers throughout North America.

Xtreme RFID

Designs and manufactures RFID tags for harsh environmental conditions. Xtreme RFID tags are used for asset management in the following markets; municipal solid waste, textiles, manufacturing, material handling, rental equipment, industrial laundry, wire and cable.

Decade Products

A partnership between Cascade Engineering and Dolav Plastic Products based in southern Israel . Decade Products provides a complete line of reusable plastic containers and pallets for industrial, agriculture and food processing applications worldwide. Engineered from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) structural foam, these strong lightweight completely reusable containers offer increased lifespan, superior corrosion resistance and virtually no maintenance.

Innovative Plastic Technologies

Complex plastic molding processes like co-injection, multi-shot, 3D suction blow molding, insert molding and fabric adhesion technology are used primarily for commercial seating. Customers include Herman Miller Inc., Haworth Inc. and the Kohler Company. Commercial Products is also a contract manufacturer of large plastic injection parts used in the food and material handling industries. Located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Noble Polymers

Specializing in the development and production of compounded thermoplastic resins producing a full line of olefin- and elastomer- based, off-the-shelf products as well as specialty compounds.  Services include toll compounding and contract manufacturing.  Noble is also developing eco-friendly materials that can offer customers high performance, cost effective and environmentally responsible options.   Noble uses twin screw technology featuring underwater pelletization to produce both stock and customized materials.